48.415  Grounds for Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights
At the fact-finding hearing the court or jury shall determine whether grounds exist for the termination of parental rights.  If the child is an Indian child, the court or jury shall also determine at the fact-finding hearing, whether continued custody of the Indian child by the Indian child's parent or Indian custodian is likely to result in serious emotional or physical damage to the Indian child under s. 48.028(4)(e)1. and whether active efforts under s. 48.028(4)(e)2. have been made to prevent the breakup of the Indian child's family and whether those efforts have proved unsuccessful, unless partial summary judgment on the grounds for termination of parental rights is granted, in which case the court shall make those determinations at the dispositional hearing. Grounds for termination of parental rights shall be one of the following:

Continuing Need of Protection or Services
Failure to Assume Parental Responsibility
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