Assigned Counsel Division (ACD) 
ACD, located in the central administrative office in Madison, is responsible for contracting with outside counsel to represent eligible clients. Attorneys wishing to be assigned public defender cases should review the rules for certification, billing, and the Attorney Performance Standards.  The Wisconsin State Public Defender's Office (SPD) is committed to the continuous improvement of our partnership with the private bar.

Why should you consider taking appointments?
Using your legal training to protect the rights of people who do not have the resources to protect themselves is very rewarding. In building and maintaining a practice, Wisconsin State Public Defender cases take the lawyer into the courtroom more than any other type of case.

How many cases will I get?
Attorneys certified to take SPD appointments are called on a rotational basis per Wisconsin s. 977.08(3).  Attorneys may accept or decline cases when they are contacted. There is no minimum number of cases that you must take. However, it is recommended that attorneys take enough cases to make their work efficient and effective for the client, the courts, and the attorney. Case availability varies greatly by county. Attorneys should contact the local office to discuss how many cases they might expect to be offered.

How do I become certified to take appointments?
You can apply for certification by completing an application. Certification levels vary by case type and experience.  See Wisconsin Administrative Code  PD 1.