Case Expense Reimbursement

The SPD provides funding for reasonable expenses. Please note that expense rules also apply to expenses incurred by experts and investigators. Questions about expenses should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to incurring the expense.

Prior approval is required for:

  • Any expense expected to be $100 or more
  • All expenses for transcripts and medical records
  • Legal research expenses more than $20
  • All expenses for expert and investigator services
Prior approval is obtained by submitting a case expense authorization. To submit a case expense authorization:  Login into the ACD online billing page and click on Expense Authorization.

At the time of billing, receipts are not required for most expenses totaling less than $50.  However, you must retain receipts for all expenses to support your billing (including receipts less than $50). Auditors may request receipts at any time for auditing purposes.

Attorneys should not pay the following expenses.
SPD is exempt from paying these expenses:
  1. Department of Corrections records fees
  2. Subpoena service
  3. Witness fees
  4. E-filing fees
  5. Filing fees for Writs of Certiorari

See here for more detailed information and instructions.

These expenses should be billed directly to the SPD by the service provider

  1. Transcription Services
  2. Interpreter fees (Wisconsin Courts Interpreter Search)
  3. Discovery Payments
  4. Medical Records

See here for more detailed information and instructions.

These case expenses should be billed when representation ends

  1. Reasonable attorney hours
  2. Travel and Mileage (ACD Travel Time Reporting Rules) 
  3. Parking
  4. Expert/Investigator Services (prior approval required)
  5. Reasonable photocopying & printing expenses: While a case is pending it may be helpful for a client to have access to information in the client file. A client who is incarcerated may not be able to access electronic material, and an attorney may print and provide the client those documents helpful for the client to review. The attorney must submit a Trial Level Photocopying & Printing Expense Reimbursement Form and, if the expense is expected to exceed $50, the attorney must first submit a case expense request.
  6. Obtaining records other than medical records
  7. Lodging (prior approval required)
  8. Client file: If the attorney must provide the client file to the client or to successor counsel, the attorney should bill the delivery cost directly to the SPD Fiscal Unit. The attorney must complete a Client File Delivery Expense Reimbursement form and submit it along with the required receipts and verification.
  9. Appellate briefs: The cost of production of any briefs and the cost to file the briefs should be billed directly to the Assigned Counsel Division (ACD). The attorney must complete an Appellate Copying and Delivery Reimbursement form and submit it along with the required receipts.

See here for more detailed information and instruction.

Non-Reimbursable Expenses

The SPD will not reimburse for certain expenses. 

See here for more detailed information and instructions.