An Offer They Can't Refuse:  Racial Disparity in Juvenile Justice &
Deliberate Indifference Meet Alternatives That Work

By:  Edgar Cahn & Cynthia Robbins

Block Housing, Education, Voting

By:  Marc Mauer

The Changing Racial Dynamics of the War on Drugs
By:  Marc Mauer

"Colorblind" Policy in Black and White
By:  Holona Leanne Ochs

Drug Bust
By:  Charles M. Blow

How Economic Sanctions Block Access to the Polls
By:  Erika L. Wood & Neema Trivedi

I Want a Black Lawyer to Represent Me
By:  Kenneth Troccoli

Incarceration and Social Inequality
By:  Bruce Western and becky Pettit

Incarceration Rate of African-Americans Remains Much Higher Than Other Demographic Groups
Source:  U.S. Department of Justice  

Incarceration vs. Crime Rates
Source:  U.S. Department of Justice

Institutionalized by Race & Ethnicity
By:  Steven Raphael & MIchael Stoll
   "Why Are So Many Americans in Prison?"  March  2007

Judge Blocks Death Sentence Under Law on Race Disparity
By:  Campbell Robertson; NY Times   April 2012

Move to Lower Poverty Neighborhood Reduces Violent Crime Behavior
By:  Jens Ludwig, Greg Duncan, Paul Hirschfield   May 2000 

NC Death Penalty Report 2001
By:  Dr. Isaac Unah, Professor John Charles Boger

People With Criminal Records Denied Access to Public Housing
Source:  Human Rights Watch; New Mexico Women's Justice Report

Slavery By Another Name  
PBS Special

U.S. Incarceration Rate Largest In the World
By:  Roy Walmsley
   "World Prison Population List"

Voting and Racial History
Source:  NY Times Editorial