2020 SPD Annual Criminal Defense Conference

-Speaker Biographies-

Peter R. Heyne (Green Bay SPD trial office, J.D. cum laude Marquette 2010) has been an attorney with the State Public Defender’s Office since October 2015, after five years in solo practice, with a significant focus on trial and appellate criminal cases. Prior SPD conference presentation topics include challenging the Domestic Abuse Repeater enhancer; and stacking and bifurcating penalty enhancers, especially for domestic abuse and drug offenses. His prior pedagogical experience includes teaching undergraduate rhetoric/composition courses in the University of Wisconsin system; and undergraduate philosophy/ethics courses and M.B.A. business law courses at Lakeland College (and before that, high school and junior high Latin, grammar, history, literature, etc.). He earned his Master’s in English and his Bachelor’s degrees in Classics (Greek/Latin) and Drama from the University of Dallas. Between those undergrad and graduate studies, he lived in Umbria, Italy, for a year, where among many adventures, he worked with a local blacksmith to forge longswords such as the blade wielded by the fearless Joan of Arc. He lives in a rustic part of the Green Bay area, where uses his machete all the time in his backyard to clear brush and chop firewood.