ACD Newsletters

December 2013: SPD Billing Tips, DOC Records

February 2014: SPD Case Expense Requests, Time slip Tips, SPD Direct Deposit

April 2014: Revocation and Writs of Certiorari, Victory in Florida, Time Slip Tips

May 2014: Juvenile Appointments

October 2014: Ancilliary Representation, Collateral Consequences, Immigration Practice Group
December 2014: Attorney Online Billing Error Message

April 2015: Thriving in the Law:Your Blueprint for Burnout Prevention

June 2015: Questions from Around the State

December 2015: Interstate Compact, Harvard "Free the Law" Project

September 2016:  Direct Bill Expenses, Introducing TPR Liaison-Alexis Liggins, DNA: When to Challenge It, ACD Texting Policy

December 2016: Client File Copy Policy, Rules of Evidence, Madison-Area Solo Practitioners Roundtable

March 2017: Appellate-Scope of Appointment, Direct Bill/No charge Expenses, Mandatory e-Filing, Wisconsin Crime Lab Policy

June 2017: User Tip for Online Billing, The State objected,under Shiffra/Green, to the Defense's Attempt to Review School Records, New Legal Resources, Appellate Q and A

September 2017:  SPD Specialty Practice Groups, Free StEPP Training, ACD Billing Format Updates, From the Listserve Archives, Upcoming SPD Trainings

November 2017: ACD Online Billing Changes, Budget Update by Adam Plotkin, E-Filing and the Court Record

December 2017: SPD Specialty Practice Groups and Coordinators, ACD End of Year Reminders, WISLAP Message