Administrative Services Division

The Wisconsin State Public Defender's Office (SPD) Administrative Services Division provides administrative support to the SPD.  The Administrative Services Division specifically provides expertise and support in the areas of human resources including payroll and benefits, information technology, client accounts and verification, and fiscal and budget. 


Specialty Practice Groups

The agency operates a number of specialty practice groups allowing us to share specialized knowledge and expertise efficiently, lessening the need for staff and private attorneys to “reinvent the wheel” in these complex practice areas.

Each practice group is led by a coordinator or coordinators who stays abreast of the latest developments in the practice area and shares this expertise as an advisor, mentor, and educator.  Coordinators serve as a clearinghouse of sorts as they assist others in quickly changing areas of legal practice. Staff contact them as needed when they are preparing a client’s case or have a question in a new or undeveloped area of the law.  The coordinators also assist private bar (PB) attorneys with their questions related to the respective practice area.

Each coordinator pulls together practice materials, including motions, briefs, transcripts, case outlines, and research/articles/studies to share with practitioners. Coordinators keep track of the legal nuances and mundane details in their practice areas and catalog them for easy dissemination to attorneys when requested. They assist with the agency’s training efforts, including presenting at the annual conference. Some coordinators conduct or assist with expert examinations at motion hearings and trials.

For further information, please contact:

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Jennifer Bias
Trial Division Director
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Specialty Practice Group Links

Group Coordinators

Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) Elisabeth Stockbridge
Immigration Practice Melissa Nepomiachi, Alli Pederson, Katena Roberts-Turner
Juvenile Practice Eileen Fredericks
Chapter 980 Robert Peterson
Forensic Sciences Vincent Rust, Timothy Drewa, Kathy Pakes(AHT)
Racial Disparities Margaret Johnson

Divisions of the Wisconsin State Public Defender's Office (SPD)

Resources for trial-level cases are available under "Trial Division" and resources for appeals are available under "Appellate Division".  Private attorneys who are either certified to accept SPD appointments or who are interested in accepting SPD appointments should consult the information contained under "Assigned Counsel Division".

Resources from prior training events as well as announcements for future training events are listed under "Training Division".  Under this section, one can also find Continuing Legal Education (CLE) information for SPD-sponsored training events.  In addition, the SPD's administrative functions are listed under "Administrative Services Division".

Welcome to the website pages of the SPD's Trial Division offering information related to SPD representation at the trial level.  The Division has 37 offices spread strategically across the state in order to provide its services in the trial courtrooms throughout Wisconsin.  The Division is organized into 12 regions and, within each region, is further organized into local offices.

Assigned Counsel Division


ACD, located in the central administrative office in Madison, is responsible for the business relationship with outside counsel appointed to represent eligible clients. Attorneys wishing to do business with the SPD should review the rules for certification, billing rules and procedures, and our Minimum Attorney Performance Standards.


Expert and Investigator Services


The SPD is committed to the continuous improvement of our business processes related to retaining outside counsel. ACD solicits your input on making the business relationship with outside counsel productive for both the Public Defender and the private bar. If you have suggestions, please contact Kathy Pakes, ACD Director.