2020 SPD Annual Criminal Defense Conference

Is there an SPD Conference this year?

Yes, it's going to be held via Zoom on November 5 and 6. That's next week! Here are links with more information:

Click here for the conference agenda (pdf).
Click here for presenter biographies.
Click here to register.   

I registered but have't received a confirmation of my registration yet.  Why not?

Confirmations of registration will be emailed to you by Justin Heim. Justin has to send those out manually so please be patient and look for the email from Justin Heim with "Thanks for registering for the 2020 SPD Virtual Conference!" in the subject line.


Do I have to register? Why can't I just join the day of? 

You MUST register this year because of the virtual format. The Zoom links to join the Conference will be emailed ONLY to those who register. You can register by clicking here.


When is the last day to register?

Friday October 30th. That's THIS Friday.


When will I get the Zoom links to join the Conference? 

Justin Heim will email the Zoom links to join the Conference the day before--on Wednesday Nov 4th.


What if I don' t get the Zoom links on Nov 4th?

Check your spam. Also, be sure to look in the email address that you put down on your registration form--that's the email address the Zoom links will go to. If you can't find the links after checking these two places, email Justin Heim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How much does the Conference cost this year?

$100. Payment can be made by credit card here or by mailing a check to SPD at PO Box 7923, Madison WI 53707-7923. The $100 also includes access to the video recordings--see below.

Is there a discount for multiple registrations from the same organization? 
No. The fee is $100/person. The fee includes the links to attend the Conference live on Nov 5 and 6 and access to the video recordings. 

Am I going to get CLE credits?

Yes, you will get CLE credits by joining the Conference via Zoom on Nov 5 and 6. You can even get CLE credits by watching the recordings of the Conference afterwards--but see next question regarding ethics.


What about ethics credits?

You will ONLY get ethics credits by watching the ethics session "live" on Nov 5 and 6 via Zoom. Click here for the conference agenda to see when the ethics sessions are being offered. (There are four sessions and they are spread out during the two days.)


How many credits is the Conference?

15, including up to 4 ethics if you attend the ENTIRE conference on Nov 5 and 6. 


How do I "check in" to the Conference for CLE purposes?

When you join the Conference on Nov 5 and 6, you will be sent a link to a Google form via the Zoom chat box. You will simply click that link and type in your name and hit submit. We will send that Google form link to you via the Zoom chat box throughout the two days of the Conference but you only need to fill it in once. 


How do I know if I need to report my CLE credits this year? I've never done it before--how do I do it?

Please read SCR Chapter 31 Continuing Legal Education


If I'm in private practice and I take SPD cases, do I also need to report credits to the SPD? How many credits do I need to report to SPD and how do I report those?
Please contact Mark Rinehart in the SPD's Assigned Counsel Division for information and instructions related to reporting credits to the SPD in order to maintain SPD certification. Mark's email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I join for parts of the Conference on Nov 5 and 6 and then watch some of the videos later?



When and where will the videos be available?

We hope to have them available by Monday Nov 9th at the latest. The videos will be posted at the SPD on-demand training site:

How do I get the Conference materials?
Conference materials will be posted to the SPD website at the Training Division page as we receive materials from Conference speakers. The link to those materials will be emailed to Conference participants once materials are posted.


Will you be offering the private bar certification training for juvenile cases the day before the Conference like you have in year's past?

No. Instead, you can watch last year's juvenile certification training at the SPD on-demand training site:


What if I lose this email with all of this information?

We will post this information at the SPD website at the Training Division page. 


What if I have questions that aren't answered in this email?

Please email Gina Pruski at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.